Thursday, May 12, 2011

Somewhere to Sleep

I am crazy about change! I am always changing my mind, changing my hair, changing my clothes, changing my house. Yes changing my house is one of my absolute passions. So after cutting all of my hair off in february and forever donating my clothes to charity it was time to move on to the house.
Repaint kids bedrooms.
I have recently repainted/redecorated my 6year old daughters bedroom. For some reason we painted it dark purple when we first moved in. Purple is her favourite colour and I wanted her to feel more at home so allowed her to choose the paint colour(big mistake. The colour never grew on me and I have been secretly hating since she chose it).
So I moved her into the baby's room(she is nearly 3.....not quite a baby)and got busy painting the horrid purple away. I am a big researcher and spent alot of time flicking through my tear sheets, magazines, web sites and favourite blogs until I was happy with my style board. I rounded up what I could from the house, shopped the local charity stores, etsy and eBay and good old target also were handy.
All I can say about the style is it's sparsely decorated, with soft colours and sweet, beachy, feminine touches. It a little girls room that feels a little grown up. And Chalise absolutley loves it.
On to Haydens room now. Ah what have I done. The projects list just keeps getting longer.
Wish me luck.