Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rock out!

Three sick kids plus a stereo equals some funny times. This morning my poor little kids feeling quite sorry for themselves asked mummy to get some CDs out. Remember CDs  those silver and shinny disks that play music on a stereo. 
We chose one album for each to listen to so they could be rock stars. Complete with ukelele, spunky glasses and some weird and crazy outfit combinations. Anyway I feel such pride when my kids rock out at home,I simply can't help but rock out with them too. We listen to Jack Johnson Singalongs and Lulabies for the film Curious George nice sweet tunes for parents and kids alike, the classic JJ Cale which we got years ago from Urban Records. When Hayden was a toddler we were walking past the store in Leederville after dinner and he stopped walking and started dancing when he heard the music playing inside. We then bought the album for us to remember such a funny moment in his childhood. He really likes a loud rough guitar sound. And lastly The White Stripes self titled album. Oh yeah! All three kids rocked out! When Chalise was a baby and when I was pregnant with her she would always move around and dance to the white cute. She too likes loud and rocky music
It's crazy how fast you forget to play your CDs. Now I listen more to my downloaded music but it's just not the same an a full album screeching out of a tiny little kids cd player. So I am thinking of rediscovering my precious CDs and have a major dance around the kitchen. Come around and join me!

Monday, June 20, 2011


What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up

Some reflections on my journey so far.
 I want to be a devoted mother
I want to be a fierce friend
I want to be a loyal wife
I want to live an authentic life with my husband, children, family and friends.
As far as occupations go is still don't quite know. I have tried to study but found it to slow for an impatient mind like mine. I don't need instant gratification however its just that I pick things up quickly when I am interested and very slowly when I am not. I find it quite hard to articulate these skills when the exams come along. And become frustratingly disheartened when I don't line up to the standard I set for myself.
 I am more of an instinctual student and find when I follow them I end up in the right place. I just have to find out where that is. Any one know?
I have tried the corporate world, however didn't enjoy the dog eat dog style of environment it promotes, especially between women. And it's the same in the mind numbing world of retail. Tedious hours, falsely pretending you like customers who treat you with nothing but contempt and disrespect.
I love the thought of designing a fashion line but have always viewed my sewing as a labour of love and could never expect someone to pay for my work. Silly I know. Images of a struggling artist in revolutionary Paris come to mind.....Paris(sigh)
However a devoted mother yes. I treasure my younglings and do all that is energetically possible to help and guide them through life.
A fierce friend absolutely. Nothing else said, my circle would agree.
A loyal wife. Honestly you don't want to mess with me when it comes to my mister or my marriage. He knows it.
Hmm so where does that lead me? To be honest I don't know. But if I could get a job as a list writer/fashion designer/natropath. Throw in a bit of party planning, lots of free time and travel and you got me a job. Yeehaa!
So to my points above I can solemnly swear to do all and remember.
Be excellent to each other and party on bill!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finding the Me in We

Exactly a year ago I started to write a journal for the first time in years. As a teenager I would fills journals/notepads every couple of months. It was the foundation of my very busy, overactive and highly emotional mind. Honestly I don't think I would be here today, a mother, a wife, a member of the community without my diarys. 
Around  the same time I was dealing with a lot of personal issues in health and in mind. I was in pain physically and emotionally and needed to pull back and refocus. Stuck in a blank and dark void. My thoughts were muddled and foggy and I wasn't able to think straight. I felt isolated and stranded without direction and nothing to look forward to.
Around that time  Mum had found a suitcase in the back of her shed filled with things from my past I hadn't thought of or needed in a very long time. Its funny when I look back at just how timely this discovery was. The universe thought I was ready to deal with this stuff. Old books and photos, some clothes and my old journals. This stirred a whole new range of emotions and inner turmoil on top of what I was feeling at the time. It just shock me to my core as I was facing the 16 year old girl I once was. She is someone with who I had completely lost touch with, someone barely recognised or remembered. I stared at the belongings of the case and very uncomfortably threw it into the back of my car, with much confusion and uneasiness, I took it home. 
There it sat in my garage urging me to veiw it's contents for days but I couldn't bare to look at it. It was my Achilles heel, a pain I couldnt deal with. Until I eventually drew breath and found the courage. Inside I faced this sad young woman who was very confused with life not all that different to the emotions i was dealing with again and just needed a big warm hug. I cried so much while reading the entries, the dreams, the poetry, the spells. It was sometimes very ugly and sometimes a joyful moment of beauty. But it was all mine. Only  mine and so very comforting to know that even today she still lives within me. I reconnected to me. I took the time to read though the collection of old memories and purged the darkest.
Around a year ago I was dealing with a lot of personal issues in health and in mind. I was in pain physically and emotionally and needed to pull back and and refocus. Mum had found a suitcase in the back of her shed filled with things from my past I hadn't thought of or needed in a very long time. Old books and photos, some clothes and my old journals. This stirred a whole new range of emotions and inner turmoil on top of what I was feeling at the time a just shock me to my core as I was facing the 16 year old girl I once was. She is someone with who I had completely lost touch with  most uncomfortable.
 I can still remember the hopes and dreams this fragile and clever young woman had for her future and I want to honour her by living the life she dreamed of for both of us. Time marches on every single day. We forget so quickly. But at this time in my early 30s I feel it's time to remember and get back in touch.
The only relationship I have been in my whole life that needs working on is my relationship with me. It the most important relationship I have. Losing the Me in the We happens so slowly you don't recognise it, sometimes you never do. But I know it's never to late. If journal writing was so therapeutic for me as a teenager then surely it would be just as therapeutic as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, creative and infinitely clever citizen. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Park Discoveries

On a cold wintery day my kids and I ventured outside. We were all rugged up and were on an adventure to a new park. Yippee! The energy was high and we were excited. We were going to meet our best mates Amanda, Emily and Sophie for morning tea. They discovered the park a while back and had described in detail all the fantastic climbing rope frames, different types of swings, an enormous jungle gym with lightning fast slides, cubby houses, a conveyer belt digging station... I could go on and on. We just had to go.
The weather was windy and cold but the playground was so much fun it didn't matter. I find the best way to warm up is a good game of hide and seek with a dash or swinging for good measure. I love pushing kids on swings and I love swinging on swings even more.
I am reasonably new to the Wanneroo districts. And I would never have found this park if it wasn't for Amanda's recommendation. I am grateful I did. And everyone in the northern suburbs should give Rotarty Park on Senic Drive Wanneroo a visit. I is well worth it. Even if you don't have kids you can bike around the lake and enjoy the bbqs.
There is a great website written by a family of park lovers who list all the great parks in Perth called If you are to like me and love discovering new places for a picnic and a play with the kids check it out. My other favourites are Fawlkner Park in Belmont, Jackadder Lake in Woodlands, Heathcote Reserve, Braithwaite Park in Mt Hawthorne and Sir James Macusker Park near us in Iluka. This weekend we will see you there.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday is Washing Day

It's old school I know to do your washing on a Monday but for my family it works. I am more energetic after chilling out over the weekend so I can cope with up to 20 loads of sorting, washing, hanging, folding, ironing and putting away. It's a major achievement for me and it starts me on the right track to accomplish the never ending tasks on my to do list.
After the mammoth effort of washing day I make sure I have a very hearty and nourishing pot of soup on. I love soup it's easy relatively mess free and you can mix anything together and it always tastes good.
Even in winter when it is incredibly cold out side I still manage to get my washing dry on the line. I seldom use my dryer unless it is an absolute emergency, otherwise I will do as mum did and have clothes hanging every wear around the house.
Lately I have returned to ironing my clothes. For years I have only ever bothered when either nessacery or when my washing basket is overflowing. Neither way really works because things get worn with being ironed or you forget what's hiding at the bottom of the basket. So armed with my ironing board on washing day I press, steam and starch my way to housewife front of the telly with a lovely ot cuppa.
Maybe I need to get out more or maybe it's not really that bad to do as nanna did and take a bit more pride in loving and keeping your house.

Friday, June 10, 2011

For Sale

So we've finally done it. The papers are signed, the photographer has been and the sign has been ordered. My sweet beach house is on the market and I am so tired but totally pumped. It has been a very long journey but I know it's the right thing to do. Time to embrace the change and start living a more downscaled life. I will be back next week with more info but for now check out And be sure to pass it on to anybody who would just love to get a slice of Burns Beach.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dental Hell

I have never been afraid of the dentist. Never worried when they drilled and filled. Never shuddered when they extracted a wisdom tooth that was infected(yuk). Flash forward to now and it is a totally different story. Last time I had a check up my dentists started talking about why one of my wisdom teeth hadn't come though and it seemed that it was impacting on the back molar. Freak out. It must have been a reflection on my mental state at the time, but I just couldn't face having a tooth ferociously ripped from my gums. Those evil dentists are trying to kill me........ I went running scared and haven't seen a dentist for more than two years. Around that time I started seeing a chiropractor for some serious spinal work. The pain was debilitating to say the least and for those unaware of the chiropractic world they are not dissimilar to dentists. Evil, back braking masters of fear. Anyway I had my back x-rayed, not so bad until the fear master walks out with a glint of insanity in his eyes saying my wisdom tooth was clearly growing sideways into my back molar. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Serious freakout! Slowly melt my fearful memories into a dark cob wed filled filling cabinet in the back of my mind. Marked scary dental and chiropractic images. Ignorance is bliss in this instance.
It brings me to now though and I know I need to visit the dentist. I can't let my other teeth suffer just because of one tooth who never received a roadmap. So here it goes do I make yet another dental appointment only to miss it. Or do I rise up and cross one more thing of my New Years Resolutions. Face my fears I shall.

P.S. I do highly recommend Dr Scott Campbell-Lloyd at my entire family have been regulars at the clinic since the 80's. I think that says something!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time Out

After many weeks of tiresome DIY and decorating I was lucky enough to be in the presence of some lovely women and have a soothing and relaxing time out. My bestie hosted a Nutrimetics party with the lovely Christine who after many years always finds a way to surprise us. I am not big on fancy cosmetics but I am interested in feeling my best and Nutrimetics totally works for me. My favourites are the Lash Impact Mascara, Nutri Rich Shower Oil and of coarse the classic Nutri Rich Oil. Ah bliss if only we could all be treated like that everyday.

Resolution review

Considering it it the middle of the year I thought it would be a good idea to review my New Years Resolutions. This is my list:-
1. Look after Me
2. Work on my Marriage
3. Cook and eat well
4. Swim
5. Yoga classes
6. Visit Dentist, Dermatologist, Doctor
7. Organise a cleaner
8. Organise my Ironing
9. Play with my kids

So there it is in black and white. Let's see I am going to yoga and have sorted my ironing but I really don't know about the others though. I do remember to make an effort sometimes but I realise I could defiantly put in way more effort. What were your new years resolutions and are you still doing you'd best to follow them?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I get to cook now

I had never realised Hayden had never helped cook. Sure he loves to lick the spoon from the mixing bowl but that's about it. Honestly he never showed much attention so I responded by not including him. Hmmm how wrong was I.
Anyway when I started cooking he came up to me with the usual remarks and questions why does the ZuZu pet have carpet on it, did you know cheese has a crust? Why?.......I attempt to answer his questions but honestly ZuZu pets and carpet where does he come up with that.
He notices me cooking and I say to him we are having lamb shanks can you get me some rosemary from the garden. He loves to garden and water the plants especially. And comes back with 5 teensy tiny rosemary leaves. Oh dear he didn't even know what I meant. We go outside pick a lovely stalk and I put my rosemary in and Haddy put in his.
All I can say see was beaming from head to toe. I get to cook now mum! This is the first time I get to cook, I'm so excited!
Ahh my sweet little darling. I will be sure to let him not only like the chocolat pudding bowl but also to help more when I cook.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


On this cold windy and wet Perth day. I feel winter is making a good impresion. I love feeling the seasons change. Today my sons friend came to visit with his lovely mum. He lives down the road and his family have moved to Australia form Argentina. Long way to travel and so far from friends and family.
In the short amount of time I have know them both I have grown very fond of them. I know very little about South America and from what Andrea tells me life is so different. You imagine beaches and parties, soccer and summer. Not fear, anxiety and corruption. I feel so grateful for our life in Perth every time we catch up. They have fully embraced Aussie life. And live with such possitivity. Connecting with new friends forces us to be more. More friendly and interested in others, we listen and and listened to more and have to be more charming. I love finding out people's back stories and discovering simalarities between mine and theres. We both are very interested in healthy and wholesome living, travel and community and have connected on lifestyle. They have seen more of Perth and WA than I have.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Writers block

Image National Geographic

Wow after a week of serious household business. I just can't seem to get the words. So I guessed I should think of a few words that make me.......Happy, Smile, Echo, Love and Beauty.
Hold that thought cos I know there is more to come. In the meantime what can you do to make someone feel Happy?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh boy!

I am in the middle of a home redecoration cycle and have just about finished my son Haydens room. I find boys rooms a bit hard. When they are babies it's quiet easy to complete a boys room lots of neutrals, white and small splashes of green and blue. Decorating for a four year old is different. There is personality to consider and their stuff! However there is a limit to how much plastic multicoloured toys one can handle so when he is not around I begun the cull. He rarely notices and to make myself feel less of an ogre I promise to 'invest' in only beautiful and classically crafted toys(more for me I know). What do you think of the cheap plastic toys that seem to fill every gap in our homes?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Soul food!

Photo from illmungos photo stream

As the sun starts to disappear, it makes me crave warming and soulful soup. Tonight's menu was one of my favourites, the classic French onion soup........yum! I love cooking simple old school food and soup is so easy. It's one of your best friends in the the kitchen. We always make our own vege stock from a couple of carrots, celery, leeks, sweet potato, onion, bay leaves, fresh parsley and thymne. Sometimes if I have a chicken carcass lying around I will add it. Chicken marrow and fat is incredibly healing and I don't mind it in my home made stock. This gets all chopped up roughly and chucked into my big stock pot and bubbles away for a couple of hours. This is normally a weekend job both Aaron or I will enjoy doing and we can freeze it and use it in anything we make like pasta sauce, casseroles etc.
Having my own stock makes cooking home made soup easy. Tonight Aaron chopped up the onions we added our stock some White wine vinegar, garlic and we were done. Dinner in 15 minutes oh don't forget the cheesy croutons with home made pesto from the fridge. Just what I needed after a crazy Monday and a full on weekend painting. What do you think of when it's cold and you're hungry?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Somewhere to Sleep

I am crazy about change! I am always changing my mind, changing my hair, changing my clothes, changing my house. Yes changing my house is one of my absolute passions. So after cutting all of my hair off in february and forever donating my clothes to charity it was time to move on to the house.
Repaint kids bedrooms.
I have recently repainted/redecorated my 6year old daughters bedroom. For some reason we painted it dark purple when we first moved in. Purple is her favourite colour and I wanted her to feel more at home so allowed her to choose the paint colour(big mistake. The colour never grew on me and I have been secretly hating since she chose it).
So I moved her into the baby's room(she is nearly 3.....not quite a baby)and got busy painting the horrid purple away. I am a big researcher and spent alot of time flicking through my tear sheets, magazines, web sites and favourite blogs until I was happy with my style board. I rounded up what I could from the house, shopped the local charity stores, etsy and eBay and good old target also were handy.
All I can say about the style is it's sparsely decorated, with soft colours and sweet, beachy, feminine touches. It a little girls room that feels a little grown up. And Chalise absolutley loves it.
On to Haydens room now. Ah what have I done. The projects list just keeps getting longer.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One fine day

With all the crazy hype about weddings lately it's got me thinking about my own. Today is my anniversary. And sometimes I just want do it again. I love the idea of weddings and dresses. Everything in your wildest dreams seams possible. It's more about style than trend. White, fluffy, polyester meringues aren't the only option. And I now see so many great designs that I want to wear.
So I now must admit to what I got up to on Friday. I had my own little royal wedding party just by myself. Now its does sound like something nanna would do. I know, but the occasion just called for it. I couldn't have a party without dressing up. So i did. Picture it a lovely little fascinator, my best and somewhat tacky bling, a smart jacket, a soft and sweet blouse. All blended with my old jeans and ugh boots. Oh what a sight I must have been. Glam up top, comfy on the bottom all on top of a messy couch...I don't think husband knew what to think! I watched it and loved it, with a tear in my eye. I always end up a blubbering mess at weddings. Secretly wishing I was invited. Remembering my own nuptials and fantasising about pretty dresses.
Tonight is our anniversary. We are going out and maybe I might put a bit more occasion into my dinner outfit. It certainly wasn't a royal wedding but it was just as special to us. And looking back it was beautiful. My memories are better just a little faded.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

Deciding on an opening line. By Amy Ryan
Beginning with a smile and a big hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Amy I am a mum of three very energetic and clever kids and wife to an incredibly lively and creative designer. We live in a bespoke home in a beachy suburb in  Perth, the most isolated city in the world.
At times I have come up with, but never acted upon many and varied ideas for businesses, fashion, art, music and travel. Oh if only I could figure out a way to live it all at once! At the same time I am incredibly nuts about my health and diet. I'm vegetarian and have been since as long as I can remember and try to follow a whole food/slow food lifestyle. And since giving up alcohol as a new years resolution I am enjoying exercise and wait for it ...running for the first time in my life! I dabble in all things creative like fashion and design, not enough though, decorating and designing my home and cooking and baking  which I enjoy more than ever. I love planning parties and dreaming up new and exciting adventures; like moving my family to France for a year or buying a caravan and going around Australia. The issue is always finance but I have a feeling this is my 'year of big'.
Here it is, and hopefully you will enjoy. This life and times of me - a nutty and hyper-creative dreamer who has to get some thoughts out of my head.