Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

Deciding on an opening line. By Amy Ryan
Beginning with a smile and a big hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Amy I am a mum of three very energetic and clever kids and wife to an incredibly lively and creative designer. We live in a bespoke home in a beachy suburb in  Perth, the most isolated city in the world.
At times I have come up with, but never acted upon many and varied ideas for businesses, fashion, art, music and travel. Oh if only I could figure out a way to live it all at once! At the same time I am incredibly nuts about my health and diet. I'm vegetarian and have been since as long as I can remember and try to follow a whole food/slow food lifestyle. And since giving up alcohol as a new years resolution I am enjoying exercise and wait for it ...running for the first time in my life! I dabble in all things creative like fashion and design, not enough though, decorating and designing my home and cooking and baking  which I enjoy more than ever. I love planning parties and dreaming up new and exciting adventures; like moving my family to France for a year or buying a caravan and going around Australia. The issue is always finance but I have a feeling this is my 'year of big'.
Here it is, and hopefully you will enjoy. This life and times of me - a nutty and hyper-creative dreamer who has to get some thoughts out of my head. 

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  1. hey lovely amy :)
    this is an awesome idea for you!
    the page looks great i cant wait for
    some cool posts :P

    much love good luck