Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One fine day

With all the crazy hype about weddings lately it's got me thinking about my own. Today is my anniversary. And sometimes I just want do it again. I love the idea of weddings and dresses. Everything in your wildest dreams seams possible. It's more about style than trend. White, fluffy, polyester meringues aren't the only option. And I now see so many great designs that I want to wear.
So I now must admit to what I got up to on Friday. I had my own little royal wedding party just by myself. Now its does sound like something nanna would do. I know, but the occasion just called for it. I couldn't have a party without dressing up. So i did. Picture it a lovely little fascinator, my best and somewhat tacky bling, a smart jacket, a soft and sweet blouse. All blended with my old jeans and ugh boots. Oh what a sight I must have been. Glam up top, comfy on the bottom all on top of a messy couch...I don't think husband knew what to think! I watched it and loved it, with a tear in my eye. I always end up a blubbering mess at weddings. Secretly wishing I was invited. Remembering my own nuptials and fantasising about pretty dresses.
Tonight is our anniversary. We are going out and maybe I might put a bit more occasion into my dinner outfit. It certainly wasn't a royal wedding but it was just as special to us. And looking back it was beautiful. My memories are better just a little faded.

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  1. I sure was a bit taken back but the fascinator and ugg boots, I must admit.

    But our 8 year anniversay dinner was fantastic. Best night out in a long time and all the company I needed :).