Thursday, June 2, 2011

I get to cook now

I had never realised Hayden had never helped cook. Sure he loves to lick the spoon from the mixing bowl but that's about it. Honestly he never showed much attention so I responded by not including him. Hmmm how wrong was I.
Anyway when I started cooking he came up to me with the usual remarks and questions why does the ZuZu pet have carpet on it, did you know cheese has a crust? Why?.......I attempt to answer his questions but honestly ZuZu pets and carpet where does he come up with that.
He notices me cooking and I say to him we are having lamb shanks can you get me some rosemary from the garden. He loves to garden and water the plants especially. And comes back with 5 teensy tiny rosemary leaves. Oh dear he didn't even know what I meant. We go outside pick a lovely stalk and I put my rosemary in and Haddy put in his.
All I can say see was beaming from head to toe. I get to cook now mum! This is the first time I get to cook, I'm so excited!
Ahh my sweet little darling. I will be sure to let him not only like the chocolat pudding bowl but also to help more when I cook.


  1. Hi Amy,
    That is so cute about Haydey cooking - I bet he chose those 5 tiny rosemary leaves so carefully!
    Love Julz

  2. You know he did. And you should have seen the smile beaming from his face.