Wednesday, June 1, 2011


On this cold windy and wet Perth day. I feel winter is making a good impresion. I love feeling the seasons change. Today my sons friend came to visit with his lovely mum. He lives down the road and his family have moved to Australia form Argentina. Long way to travel and so far from friends and family.
In the short amount of time I have know them both I have grown very fond of them. I know very little about South America and from what Andrea tells me life is so different. You imagine beaches and parties, soccer and summer. Not fear, anxiety and corruption. I feel so grateful for our life in Perth every time we catch up. They have fully embraced Aussie life. And live with such possitivity. Connecting with new friends forces us to be more. More friendly and interested in others, we listen and and listened to more and have to be more charming. I love finding out people's back stories and discovering simalarities between mine and theres. We both are very interested in healthy and wholesome living, travel and community and have connected on lifestyle. They have seen more of Perth and WA than I have.

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