Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday is Washing Day

It's old school I know to do your washing on a Monday but for my family it works. I am more energetic after chilling out over the weekend so I can cope with up to 20 loads of sorting, washing, hanging, folding, ironing and putting away. It's a major achievement for me and it starts me on the right track to accomplish the never ending tasks on my to do list.
After the mammoth effort of washing day I make sure I have a very hearty and nourishing pot of soup on. I love soup it's easy relatively mess free and you can mix anything together and it always tastes good.
Even in winter when it is incredibly cold out side I still manage to get my washing dry on the line. I seldom use my dryer unless it is an absolute emergency, otherwise I will do as mum did and have clothes hanging every wear around the house.
Lately I have returned to ironing my clothes. For years I have only ever bothered when either nessacery or when my washing basket is overflowing. Neither way really works because things get worn with being ironed or you forget what's hiding at the bottom of the basket. So armed with my ironing board on washing day I press, steam and starch my way to housewife front of the telly with a lovely ot cuppa.
Maybe I need to get out more or maybe it's not really that bad to do as nanna did and take a bit more pride in loving and keeping your house.

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