Monday, June 20, 2011


What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up

Some reflections on my journey so far.
 I want to be a devoted mother
I want to be a fierce friend
I want to be a loyal wife
I want to live an authentic life with my husband, children, family and friends.
As far as occupations go is still don't quite know. I have tried to study but found it to slow for an impatient mind like mine. I don't need instant gratification however its just that I pick things up quickly when I am interested and very slowly when I am not. I find it quite hard to articulate these skills when the exams come along. And become frustratingly disheartened when I don't line up to the standard I set for myself.
 I am more of an instinctual student and find when I follow them I end up in the right place. I just have to find out where that is. Any one know?
I have tried the corporate world, however didn't enjoy the dog eat dog style of environment it promotes, especially between women. And it's the same in the mind numbing world of retail. Tedious hours, falsely pretending you like customers who treat you with nothing but contempt and disrespect.
I love the thought of designing a fashion line but have always viewed my sewing as a labour of love and could never expect someone to pay for my work. Silly I know. Images of a struggling artist in revolutionary Paris come to mind.....Paris(sigh)
However a devoted mother yes. I treasure my younglings and do all that is energetically possible to help and guide them through life.
A fierce friend absolutely. Nothing else said, my circle would agree.
A loyal wife. Honestly you don't want to mess with me when it comes to my mister or my marriage. He knows it.
Hmm so where does that lead me? To be honest I don't know. But if I could get a job as a list writer/fashion designer/natropath. Throw in a bit of party planning, lots of free time and travel and you got me a job. Yeehaa!
So to my points above I can solemnly swear to do all and remember.
Be excellent to each other and party on bill!


  1. Well written....thoughtful insights into who you are and what you're designing for yourself

  2. Thanks I appreciate your kind words