Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rock out!

Three sick kids plus a stereo equals some funny times. This morning my poor little kids feeling quite sorry for themselves asked mummy to get some CDs out. Remember CDs  those silver and shinny disks that play music on a stereo. 
We chose one album for each to listen to so they could be rock stars. Complete with ukelele, spunky glasses and some weird and crazy outfit combinations. Anyway I feel such pride when my kids rock out at home,I simply can't help but rock out with them too. We listen to Jack Johnson Singalongs and Lulabies for the film Curious George nice sweet tunes for parents and kids alike, the classic JJ Cale which we got years ago from Urban Records. When Hayden was a toddler we were walking past the store in Leederville after dinner and he stopped walking and started dancing when he heard the music playing inside. We then bought the album for us to remember such a funny moment in his childhood. He really likes a loud rough guitar sound. And lastly The White Stripes self titled album. Oh yeah! All three kids rocked out! When Chalise was a baby and when I was pregnant with her she would always move around and dance to the white cute. She too likes loud and rocky music
It's crazy how fast you forget to play your CDs. Now I listen more to my downloaded music but it's just not the same an a full album screeching out of a tiny little kids cd player. So I am thinking of rediscovering my precious CDs and have a major dance around the kitchen. Come around and join me!

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  1. What a great way to look at a kind of crappy situation. I found your blog from a comment you left on Bleubird! I'm so glad I did.