Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Winter Wish List

This Winter time I am really feeling excited about the future. I have found myself dreaming up some great new ideas and am really looking forward to spending some quality time with my kids. I enjoy writing lists. I have them scattered everywhere around my house in notebooks, post its, on the back of newsletters and envelopes. So here it is Winter 2012. 1. Visit Museum 2. Visit Library 3. See a Movie 4. Make Gingerbread 5. Go on a Nature Walk 6. Go Horseriding 7. Have a Bonfire night 8. Drink Hot Chocolate 9. Hang out with Friends 10. Build a Cubby 11. Make Cozy Pyjamas 12. Have a fun Sleepover 13. Eat Popcorn 14. Make paper Snowflakes 15. Eat healthy Soup 16. Spend time with Nanny 17. Visit Antique Shops 18. Drive in the Country 19. Visit a Winery 20. Get lost in a Maze

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